Bora Bora – what a bore!

To begin with everybody pretends you can swim with manta ray in Bora Bora but there are no more manta rays. This is due to the large building activity which took place in the past years on the east side of the atoll. One luxury resort next to the other. Most motus are now occupied by big hotels – in some you pay more than 1.000 Euros per night – and one is not welcome to visit. We tried. The mooring of our dinghy would have cost 25$ per person, drinks in the bar not included. They make it plain, outsiders are not welcome!

Still we had a nice time here. Unexpectedly the YAHOO which we haven’t seen for a while turned up and we extended our stay here. With Jean-Loupe and Marianne we dived a couple of times. Still in the hope to meet one or two of these majestic species. The corals were beautiful but no manta.

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