Best of 2016

This is a short summery – the best of so to say – of our year 2016 and hopefully a compensation for neglecting our travel-blog lately. This was due to the many things to be done before „conquering“ the unbelievably vast Pacific which is our plan for 2017.
In 2016 the  Beagle Channel with its magnificient  glaciers and the innumerable maze-like canales of Antarctica have bewitched us; not to forget the Isla de los Estados ( Staateninsel ). We often cursed to hell when a fresh wind blew from the front, when it was raining cats and dogs, when our feet were freezing cold and the condensation water dripped from the ceiling of Kalibu, still we would always do it again exactly the same way.
After that  we spent a beautiful summer back in Berlin.
Unfortunately we could not visit Peru with our boat Kalibu. The immigration and clearing in formalities for sailers are too complicated and, above all, extremely expensive. That is why we left Kalibu in the safe custody of the Club Nautico in Puerto Montt and visited Bolivia and Peru by land. There were many impressive building complexes of old cultures and the most remarkable landscapes of the Andes to discover. The Altiplano and Lake Titicaca were literally breathtaking – very high indeed.
Back in Puerto Montt which almost had become a second home we enjoyed a sociable time with our sailor friends of  YAO, Caramor, Robusta, and the nice crew of the Club Nautico Reloncavi.

We hope that you too are looking back on a great eventful year and we wish you a most wonderful time.
With love from Zoe, Birgit, Leonard, Thomas

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