day 6 on our way to Rapa Nui

09. April 2017 – 04:00 local time //// S28Grad 27.1 W087Grad06.9 //// day 6 to Rapa Nui ////
Somebody -can’t remember who- promised me that the pacific waves are nice and long. Well he or she was utterly wrong! Day 6 and I still feel seasick. Every depression which passes through further south sends a nasty choppy see up here. Even with winds of force 4 the sails are flapping while Kalibu moves vividly from one side to the other. But I mustn’t complain. We do have a nice steady breeze from south-east since two days. These are ideal conditions for sailing westwards and a welcomed change in comparison to the first few days with hardly any wind at all. //// Another 1200 nm to go. //// We adjusted our Kalibu-time today by -1 hour but we are still not in accordance with our geographical position. This is due to the strange Chilean timezone which makes a big loop towards the west, all the way to Isla Pascua.

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