1400 nm to the Iles de Gambiers

30.04.2017 – 12:00 UTC-7 //// S 25°37.54′ – W 111°05.84′ //// Once more, the third part of our journey to the „Südsee“ started in rough conditions. After Thomas capsized with our Dinghy the Chilean Armada closed the harbor – open end. Another depression passing through in the south promised to bring even higher waves (forecast was 4.5 meters) and strong Winds from the west. Without opportunity to go ashore by ourselves we decided to check out and to leave the very last outpost of Chile asap. To do so a local fisherman had to take us ashore – no problem for him with his 140 horse power out-border 😉 – once on land I quickly collected a few bottles of wine for Jean-Loup (who was truly chocked by the prizes for French wine in French Polinesia), Thomas went to the Immigration and Armada and off we were … //// Before we could put out to sea we had to move Kalibu to the east-side of the island where we intended to wait until conditions improved. Here all sailboats (3 Catamarans who made the detour down coming from Ecuador in order to see Easter-island) regathered and even a big Chilean warship turned up at the anchorage. They also opted for a more comfortable night. //// As soon as the worst rain had past and the wind turned from west to south we lifted our anchor and left. Not surprisingly with this weather forecast (20, in squalls 30 knots of wind and 4.2 meter swell) initially we had a bumpy ride. However we were happy to cover a few miles because the next calm is ahead and more than 1000 miles to go …

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